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Update 1.83 – AR!

Pre-Registration Creatures released! For all players playing on IOS For all players playing on Android Check your account and discover what they do! Global Launch Event There’s many events to celebrate the global launch. Summon your 4 star creature with the summoning event! Enjoy a complete list of assignments, with the Inauguration day event, and […]

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Greetings New Heroes of Ashan!

  Heroes! Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians is finally available worldwide! Are you ready to enter our fantasy world? Then download the game, draw your swords and discover our new gameplay feature: the AR mode. Check out our trailer for better insights!

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New Update! 1.73 Guilds!

Guilds & Quests Feature Guilds are here! You can create guilds with your friends or other players! Activate epic quests and participate all together UI / UX / FEATURES From Player Feedback 1 – Sell Creatures Info popup We created a Popup with information on obtainable rewards depending on Nat Rank of creatures sold. 2 […]

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