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Update 2.20

(French version available below) Creature Balance We made a few changes to rebalance some creatures. More changes are to come, so stay tuned. Creature: Spell After Succubus: 1st spell Crit Damage multiplier: 10 → 5 Fire Succubus: 2nd spell Damage Multiplier: 0.8 –> 0.6 / Speed multiplier: 4 –> 3 Air Dragon: 2nd Spell +1 […]

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Patch – Raid Balancing

Heroes of Ashan, we heard your feedback and we decided to rebalance the Raids.   Self Turn bar boost: The boss was so rapid that even the fastest heroes of Ashan couldn’t compete with him. That’s why: We reduced the turn bar boost that the raid boss will receive every time the player gets a turn, […]

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