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Patch 2.29 – Bug Fix

Samurai Shodown Creature review Some of the Samurai were hitting quite weakly, that’s why we sharpened their katanas. Creature Modification Ukyo – Fire, Water, Air, Earth First Spell: Damage Increased by 20% Ukyo – Fire Second Spell: Damage Increased by 50% Ukyo – Water Second Spell: Damage Increased by 50% Ukyo – Earth Second Spell: […]

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Update 2.28 – Beyond 5 stars

(Version française disponible en bas de la page) Heroic Star Your creatures can now unleash their full potential, with the Heroic Evolution.   Heroic Auras All creatures have a different Heroic Aura that you can unlock with the required items. These auras allow creatures to use new powers in battle During a battle, all the […]

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