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Update 2.33 – New events, new creatures and skins!

(Version française disponible en bas de la page) New Events: Lunar New Year The first event of Lunar New Year is going to be the Elemental Dungeons! (Thursday 31st of January 16H00 UTC) It’s a group of 4 dungeons that you can enter only with 1 element Win them all to obtain precious Red Envelopes […]

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Update 2.33 – Lunar New Year

(Version française disponible en bas de la page) Lunar New Year Events! To celebrate Lunar New Year, we’re happy to introduce a new group of events! The events will start on Thursday 31st at 16H00 UTC.   New Feature: Creature Skins A new building is opening its gates!     Skins aren’t available for now, […]

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