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Update 2.43 – Bug fix

Highlights: Spell change – Bleeding: Bleeding effect now ignores defense. Spell change – Purge: We have been analyzing some data related to the change on the accuracy affecting the purge. After checking, we decided that it’s not having the impact that we expected and we decided to put it back to make purge not affected […]

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Update 2.41 – Level 11, Leaderboards, Auto Target, Chat and new Skins

(Version française disponible en bas de la page) Creature Skins Available for the following creatures: Zealot (all 4 elements) Holy Sister (all 4 elements) Treant (all 4 elements)       You need Dazzling Ink to purchase a skin. Each creature element counts as a different skin. Skins can be purchased and applied only for […]

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Télévideogames – Videogame Charity Event

Heroes of Ashan, we need you! This year, for the fourth time, Les Players Du Dimanche are organizing the biggest Videogame Charity Event in Belgium: the #Televideogames! 🎤🎮 75 hours of non-stop streaming! A huge number of YouTubers and Streamers, including Mana, Dedefion, Tetsu, Tycaf and Naxalya streaming, amongst others, for Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians! One Mission: raising […]

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