Welcome to the Golden Month of the Arena!

During the next 4 weeks, Arena League rewards are going to be hugely increased with the pass of EVERY SEASON for all leagues and tiers!

At the end of every season, you’ll receive the normal season league rewards according to your tier, multiplied x2, x3, x4 and x5:

– Week 1: Season rewards x2
– Week 2: Season rewards x3
– Week 3: Season rewards x4
– Week 4: Season rewards x5

Check for the final quantities in the table below (click on the table to open it):

Week 1 – Rewards x2 – End of season

Week 2 – Rewards x3 – End of season

Week 3 – Rewards x4 – End of season

Week 4 – Rewards x5 – End of season

Get ready to make yourself to the TOP!