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Update 2.28 – Beyond 5 stars

(Version française disponible en bas de la page) Heroic Star Your creatures can now unleash their full potential, with the Heroic Evolution.   Heroic Auras All creatures have a different Heroic Aura that you can unlock with the required items. These auras allow creatures to use new powers in battle During a battle, all the […]

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New Events – Faction Dungeons

Dear Heroes of Ashan,   as you know, with the latest update, the 2.20, we divided the creatures into several factions:     Every creature belongs to one or more than one faction.   Those tags are now relevant to enter the brand new Faction Dungeon!   How does it work? This dungeon is protected by […]

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Update 2.20

(French version available below) Creature Balance We made a few changes to rebalance some creatures. More changes are to come, so stay tuned. Creature: Spell After Succubus: 1st spell Crit Damage multiplier: 10 → 5 Fire Succubus: 2nd spell Damage Multiplier: 0.8 –> 0.6 / Speed multiplier: 4 –> 3 Air Dragon: 2nd Spell +1 […]

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Patch – Raid Balancing

Heroes of Ashan, we heard your feedback and we decided to rebalance the Raids.   Self Turn bar boost: The boss was so rapid that even the fastest heroes of Ashan couldn’t compete with him. That’s why: We reduced the turn bar boost that the raid boss will receive every time the player gets a turn, […]

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Update 2.2 – Creatures and Raid rework

The Creatures rework has been an ongoing topic in our Design team for many months, and the recent release of the Raids has been the final trigger. We decided to remove from the game, all the damages based on the enemy’s HP for several reasons: It’s too strong against the High HP creatures and bosses. […]

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Patch – New Mechanics

Some creatures have a spell with two levels of effects: The basic effect The conditional effect The conditional one is a very powerful additional effect. There are two type of conditions: Concentration and Focus   Let’s have a look at it… Concentration Spells requiring Concentration Points: To activate the conditional effect, the creature requires a […]

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Update 2.0 – Welcome to the Guild Raids!

WARNING: Extreme difficulty The Dragon Eel has awakened, and he’s hiding precious rewards. Activating a raid: Guild Quests now give battle commands as a reward The amount of battle command is directly given to the Guild and never belongs to a player A guild needs a certain amount to activate a Raid Only leaders and officers […]

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Balancing Patch 1.0 – Creatures, spells and dungeons rebalance

Creature Spells Balancing Creature Spell Changes Water Giant 2nd spell Attacks all enemies. 40% chance of planting a bomb on each that deals 2 times own attack after 2 turn timer. Attacks all enemies. 70% chance of planting a bomb on each that deals 2 times own attack after 2 turn timer. Water Giant 3rd […]

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Update 1.93 – Arena Win streak

Hello Guardians! It’s very important for us to keep acting against cheaters and exploiters, that’s why we have improved our anti-cheating and exploiting detection.   Additionally, following players’ feedback, and after looking at it closely, we decided to adapt the rewards of the Arena Win streak. – The win streak will now give less Reputation […]

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New Update: 1.90! – Guild fixes, PvP rework and more…

ARENA Arena Rework:  Victory Streak Bonuses Upon victory, you will obtain more Reputation Points Every win in a row will bring more and more Points, until 5 wins 1 win: + 2 Points 2 win: + 4 Points 3 win: + 6 Points 4 win: + 8 Points 5 win: + 10 Points 6 win: […]

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