To our Might and Magic Community and fans,

As part of our commitment towards complete transparency with our community, we would like to share an important update on the future of Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians.

As of today, we are working on new and exciting projects and we need to reallocate to those projects some of the resources that are currently on MMEG.

That being said, we have put together a transition plan to make it easier for the players, devs, and production teams alike:


The events that are in the game now will still run, but there will be no new events. Those that are active every month will still happen the same way they are now. Christmas, Halloween, and other relevant dates will still have their own events as well.


The new creature of the month will still be released every month.


Updates will still take place, but only to solve high impact issues. Although there will be no new content, high priority issues will still be investigated and fixed, but updates will be limited to fixing those. The last update will aim to fix bugs while making the game as stable as possible. It will happen in November this year.


Communication from the team will be limited to high priority issues, and the activity on our Social Media channels will be drastically reduced. For urgent matters, the Customer Support team will remain available as usual.

Moving forward, we are not planning to shut down the servers anytime soon, the game will run as long as there are players, and even though the team dedicated to the project will be smaller, we are still listening and monitoring the activity of the game.

Thank you,


The MMEG team