Creature balancing fixes

Creature Spell Spell before Spell now Change
Cyclops Fire Passive Increases the negative effects’ duration of all enemies by 1. If own HP is below 20%, protects all allies from any non-sticking source of damage for 1 turn. Increases the duration of the enemy negative effects by 1. If own HP is below 20%, protects all allies from any non-sticking source of damage for 1 turn. Changed target for increasing negative effects from all to one.
Juggernaut Air 2nd spell Skill ups of Turn Bar +5% changed by Damage +5%
Necromancer Fire Passive If any attack is critical, terrorises the enemy for 1 turn and refills own turn bar by 50%. If any attack is critical, terrorises all the enemies for 1 turn and refills own turn bar by 50%. Changed target for fear from one to all.
Spirit Fox Earth 3rd Spell Refills turn bar of all allies by 25%, and increases their attack and critical damage for 2 turns Refills turn bar of all allies by 15%, and increases their attack and critical damage for 2 turns Reduced fill bar to 15%
Golem Fire Passive Increases resistance, reflects 25% of damage, and has a 40% of poisoning an enemy attacker. Increases resistance, reflects 40% of damage, and has a 40% of poisoning an enemy attacker. Increased reflect damage to 40%
Stone Guard Water Passive Counter-attacks with 50% chance. Shields self by 15% of max HP for 1 turn Counter-attacks with 50% chance. Shields self by 10% of max HP for 1 turn Reduced shield to 10%

Overall Stat Rebalancing

Main Concerns:

  • Defense has a very similar affectation on an attacker and a defender.
  • The Cleave + Speed teams are dominating PvP
  • Some creatures are underplayed because of their damage multipliers

HP and Attack:

The ratio of HP/Attack has been changed in favor of HP.

  • Overall base HP value has been multiplied by an average of 1.3
  • Overall base attack value has been divided by an average of 2


  • Offering strong defense possibilities in PvP without being instantly beaten by any attacker.
  • Diversifying glyphs builds, pushing attacking creatures to have attack type glyphs instead of speed glyphs.
  • Allowing more variety of attack multipliers for each spells (as base attack will be lower)
  • Making attacks based on HP/Def dealing more damages
  • Compensate the loss of natural defense caused by defense formula change

Defense Formula change:

The reduction of damages caused by the defense stat has been changed.

  • While having 1100 (more or less) defense before, assured you to block the max amount of damages (90%), creatures now need more defense to reach the maximum damage reduction.


  • Bring more interest into defense glyphs and def stat in general
  • The direct effect is that low defense creatures will block less damages
  • It will make more difference between a defense based creature and any other creatures (currently, the difference isn’t strong enough)

Stat Multipliers

All stat multipliers have been reviewed and adapted.

  • More variety in damage multipliers
  • Damages based on: def/hp/spd/critdmg have been reviewed as well
  • Solo target attackers see their multipliers buffed


  • Opening new build possibilities
  • Giving damage advantage to solo target creatures
  • Allowing tanky creatures to be interesting in terms of damage

Flat HP/ATK Glyphs rebalanced accordingly

  • As some main stats have been changed, the value of the % glyphs are changed in the same time. Flat stat glyphs needed to be adapted to these new values.
    • Flat Attack Glyphs are getting nerfed
    • Flat HP glyphs are getting buffed

Dungeons rebalanced Accordingly

  • The goal is to keep your progression level as it was, while offering you some new possibilities using different glyphs and different creatures.


From Players Feedback

1 Filter Creatures in Popups

Now players can filter creatures in popups (Sell Creatures, RankUp and Skill Up popup and Set Defense)

2 Favorite / Non Favorite Filter

We added a Favorite filter as a new functionality for the Creature filters in general

3 Inbox Separation + Counter

We separated the Inbox in 2 TABS: one for Energy one for the rest. Also we added a counter that tells the players the max inventory they can have in Inbox and how many items there are.

This allows the player to see the Inbox better organized.

4 Daily Reward

Added a subtitle for more explanation for reset every month + bigger info on “Days to reset”

Triggered Offers

Now we can offer players Paired Offers

Drop Rate Info

Drop Rates tooltip

UI Art

New icon for XP

New assets for Evolution Packs

New skins for Joker Gacha, also with new icons

Asset Optimization: reduced assets size (from 3 to 4 MB less in UI assets)

Visual fix Missions + Events: Expand mission button more explicit

Obtaining a new Creature: added animations and 2D FX in the UI



Timers: All the timers in the game have been unified aiming for consistency

HUD: Rearranging of some buttons (Lottery has been moved to the left column of buttons)

Tutorial: Skip all button added (Now players can skip more then one tutorial dialog)

Avatar Spell Tooltip: New spell tooltip with a better info display of all spell effects

HUD Events button: Now there is no delay in Events button displaying (it is always visible). If events are not available, we show a feedback

Battle Loading / Unloading: Improved feedback/experience when in Fast Battle mode

CityBuilding Magical Shop: now the building have FX and particles in order to give feedback when there are new items availables for purchase

Bug Fixing:

Fire Succubus:

  • Passive Fixed

Speed in Arena Defense

  • Fixed a bug where speed wasn’t taken well in account for the Arena Defense


  • The “Use Instant Tickets” achievements are now assigned to the good region.

Chest Rework


  • The overall chest content has been buffed.

Big Chests:

  • Minimum amount of Legendary Soulstone Fragment changed:
    • Before: 2
    • Now: 5