Arena Rework: 

Victory Streak Bonuses

  • Upon victory, you will obtain more Reputation Points
  • Every win in a row will bring more and more Points, until 5 wins
    • 1 win: + 2 Points
    • 2 win: + 4 Points
    • 3 win: + 6 Points
    • 4 win: + 8 Points
    • 5 win: + 10 Points
    • 6 win: +2 Points
    • etc…
      • Any loss counts as going back to 1 win.
      • At the end of the season, the streak will reset

Victory Streak Milestones

  • Every 5 victory in a row, you will reach a Milestone
  • There are 6 different levels of Milestone
    • 5 Wins in a row: Milestone 1
    • 10 Wins in a row: Milestone 2
    • 15 Wins in a row: Milestone 3
    • 20 Wins in a row: Milestone 4
    • 25 Wins in a row: Milestone 5
    • 30+ Wins in a row: Milestone 6
      • Any loss will make you go back to the Milestone 1
      • At the end of the season, the streak will reset
  • Each Milestone brings you rewards, that will improve accordingly to the number of wins in a row
  • The Rewards of the Milestones depend on the League you are currently in.
    • The higher the league, the better the rewards

Check in game, directly, to have a look at all the potential rewards!

Why have we made these changes?

In our opinion, the PvP should motivate all players to think about new strategies and try new creatures.

First of all, we wanted to reward more players for playing PvP, with the victory streak bonuses.

Then, we wanted to give more incentive on winning, and add a new competition layer thanks to victory streak milestones.

Arena Shop:

  • The Arena Shop is now included in the Arena building.

Leagues Icon:

  • New art style for leagues icons


  • The contribution price is now visible before activation
  • Guild changes (members, quests, etc.) now updated in real time
  • Several bug fixing and polishing
    • UI + flow improvements / fixes

Daily Missions

  • The daily missions are now adapting following your level:
    • Appearing from level 5 to level 45:
      • Win in the elemental dungeons Once
      • Win in the tower of houses Once
    • Appearing at level 35 (until 50):
      • Spend 50 Energy in any region
    • Appearing at level 45 (until 50):
      • Sell 3 glyphs
    • Appearing at level 46 (until 50):
      • Spend 50 energy in the Dragonmist Islands
    • Complete all daily Missions:
      • Rewards buffed at level 49-50

Daily Lottery

  • Now the lottery is playable only once a day

Creature Balance

  • AI Water Necromancer
    • Now the water Necromancer doesn’t use his second spell against creatures having less life than him
  • AI Improvements
    • We augmented the probability of the AI to target an enemy under Decrease Defense debuff
  • Bomb review:
    • Now bombs stun the target after exploding.

Creature Fix

  • Air Jackalman
    • Fix a bug happening when using the Air Jackal spells.
  • Fire Harpy
    • Fixed a bug happening with the spells of the fie Harpy
  • Air Colossus
    • Fixed a bug affecting the damages of the second spell of the Air Colossus
      • The multiplier based on crit damages didn’t work properly
  • Air Faceless
    • Fixed a bug where the blindmail blinded the enemy before the end of its turn (making the debuff consuming instantly)
  • General
    • All debuffs deals to the attacking creature during the turn of the attacker, now apply after the end of the attacker turn.
      • By making so, they will not consume instantly



  • Life bar’s subdivisions based on health points of allies and enemies, have now been removed.
  • From now onwards, the bar will be divided by 4 by default for every creature, to serve as a reference.

Why have we made this change:

This change comes from players’ feedback. Many players shared the opinion that the old subdivision of the Life bar was giving too much information about the enemies’ HP.

We agreed on this and we believe that this new subdivision will give a new strategical aspect, allowing players to play with the HP of their creatures without sharing too much info to their enemies. 

We decided to maintain the bar divided into four, in order to assure a clear information about the HP the creature lost.

Glyph Upgrade

  • Animation has been shortened

Evolution Items and Books

  • New reworked assets


  • There are now 3 tabs in the event panel:
    • Tab 1: General
      • All active and expired events
    • Tab 2: Coming Soon
      • All events coming soon (wow)
    •  Tab 3: Social
      • Featured youtube video, links to our social medias, and more …

Tech stuff (black screen, chat, performance, devices, purchases…)

  • We fixed the iOS black screen issue after Ubisoft logo
  • We are now supporting iOS 32bit devices with iOS 10.0+ (Iphone 5, Iphone 5c, iPad Late 2012)
  • We improved the memory management avoiding some iOS crashes