Some creatures have a spell with two levels of effects:

  • The basic effect
  • The conditional effect

The conditional one is a very powerful additional effect.

There are two type of conditions: Concentration and Focus


Let’s have a look at it…


Spells requiring Concentration Points:

To activate the conditional effect, the creature requires a specific number of Concentration points

How to obtain Concentration Points:

Concentration points are points that creatures can receive on them through spells


Creatures can stack Concentration points until having enough points to unleash the full potential of their conditional effects:

  • When casting a spell requiring Concentration points, you will lose the number of Concentration points required to activate the extra effect
  • Concentration points are kept between waves.


Spells requiring Focus marks:

To activate the conditional effect, the spell needs to be cast on an enemy having a specific amount of Focus marks


How to put Focus marks on an enemy:

Some spells among other effects, cast Focus marks on the enemy.


When an enemy has enough Focus marks on them to activate the extra effect of a spell, it unleashes the full power of the spell

  • When casting a spell requiring Focus marks, the amount of Focus marks needed to cast the extra effect will be taken off the focused creature(s).
  • When a creature dies, they lose the Focus marks they had on them.