WARNING: Extreme difficulty

The Dragon Eel has awakened, and he’s hiding precious rewards.

Activating a raid:

  • Guild Quests now give battle commands as a reward
    • The amount of battle command is directly given to the Guild and never belongs to a player
  • A guild needs a certain amount to activate a Raid
    • Only leaders and officers can activate a Raid
  • You can choose between 2 Raid difficulty modes


Battle Rules:

Killing the Boss

  • The entire guild fights against the boss
    • Every time a player attacks the boss, it loses HP
    • Until they manage to bring the boss HP to 0
    • The boss is composed of 4 waves
      • All with a different skill set, and asking for different strategies
      • The 4 waves need to be beaten to finish the Raid


When the boss dies, every player who scored receives rewards

  • The rewards are given to each scale with the participation to the damages dealt to the boss


Battle Specifities

  • Each player can enter with 5 creatures
    • When a creature dies, it cannot be used again in this Raid
      • It’s normal if your creatures die a lot, they’re not supposed to survive


  • Each creature obtains a new spell: the Escape


Advanced Mode Rules

  • You have 60 days to beat the boss
  • You can try 5 battles each day
    • Every day, you can use again the creatures that died the day before
  • You can only bring creatures of rank 4 and more


Nightmare Mode Rules

  • You have 1 day to beat the boss
  • You can try as many time as you can
  • You can only bring creatures of rank 5



  • When the boss is beaten, each player obtains: (amount varies following Raid difficulty mode and ranking in the Raid leader-board)
    • Dark Keys
    • Crystals
    • Guild Points
    • Books (if nightmare)
  • With which they can open Dark Chests
  • The Dark Chest can contain:
    • Legendary Soulstone fragments (with probability)
    • Bright Soulstone fragments (with probability)
    • Crystals
    • Dark Glyph

New Glyph rarity:

As rewards for the raids, we’re happy to introduce, the Dark Glyphs!

They have:

  • Better main stats
  • Better substats

than the Purple Glyphs.

They almost work the same way as the other glyphs with one difference.

  • When you complete a set of Dark Glyphs, they will unlock an extra bonus, in addition to the normal one.
    • Note that you need an entire set of at least 3 Dark Glyphs to activate this extra effect.
    • Else, the Dark Glyph combined with other glyphs of the same type, participates normally to set bonuses.

Glyph changes:

  • We increased the maximum number of rolls into the substats of the glyphs:
    • 3 rolls maximum → 7 rolls maximum

Creature Balancing:

Air Dragon Life Steal based on HP updated to instant instead of turns based. Now ignores defense also.
Earth Dragon Speed increased from 69 to 71
Faceless Earth 3rd Spell Reduced turns of avoiding life change from 2 to 1

HP based attack scaling formula has been changed

Magical Shop changes:

All the items not mentioned (evolution materials/books) have not been modified

Price Before
New Price
Blue Glyph 35000 Crystals 35000 Crystals
Green Glyph 55000 Crystals 55000 Crystals
Yellow Glyph 0 substats 95000 Crystals 85000 Crystals
Yellow Glyph 1 substats 95000 Crystals 95000 Crystals
Yellow Glyph 2 substats 95000 Crystals 120000 Crystals
Yellow Glyph 3 substats 95000 Crystals 145000 Crystals
Yellow Glyph 4 substats 95000 Crystals 170000 Crystals
Yellow Glyph 5 substats 95000 Crystals 205000 Crystals
Purple Glyph 0 substats 175000 Crystals 165000 Crystals
Purple Glyph 1 substats 175000 Crystals 175000 Crystals
Purple Glyph 2 substats 175000 Crystals 210000 Crystals
Purple Glyph 3 substats 175000 Crystals 245000 Crystals
Purple Glyph 4 substats 175000 Crystals 295000 Crystals
Purple Glyph 5 substats 175000 Crystals 365000 Crystals
10 epic stone fragments 55000 Crystals 37000 Crystals
25 epic stone fragments N/A 82000 Crystals
1 epic Soulstone N/A 145000 Crystals
5 legendary stone fragments 150000 Crystals / 105 Seals 150000 Crystals / 95 Seals
10 legendary stone fragments N/A 290000 Crystals / 180 Seals
15 legendary stone fragments NA 450000 Crystals / 245 Seals
5 small keys 35000 crystals 35000 crystals
5 medium keys 53000 crystals 43000 crystals
1 big key 105000 crystals / 75 seals 97000 crystals / 65 seals


Building changes:

Max amount before
Max amount After
Time to be full (did not change)
Crystal Mine 3500 Crystals 15000 Crystals 5H15min
Dragon Utopia 4 Seals 20 Seals 10H30min


  • Creature Info
    • You can now consult the spell and glyphs of your creature before a battle, by tapping and holding on their icon.