Spell change – Bleeding: Bleeding effect now ignores defense.

Spell change – Purge: We have been analyzing some data related to the change on the accuracy affecting the purge. After checking, we decided that it’s not having the impact that we expected and we decided to put it back to make purge not affected by accuracy and resistance.

Guild quests: Guild quests progress is now being updated while playing the game once again.

Game performance:  With the current feature and creature set, the game has reached a point where it requires at least a 2GB RAM device to run at our desired level. This means that devices with less than those requirements might suffer from undesired game stability.

If you own a device with less than 2 GB RAM, in order to palliate this issue, we strongly advise to follow these steps in your in-game Settings menu:

    • Reduce the Quality ratio to ‘Power saving’
    • Reduce the Shadow Quality ratio to ‘Low’
    • Disable Antialiasing and Visual FX
    • Delete the HQ Textures if you previously downloaded them

(We would like to assure you that we will keep working on improving the game experiences for those users, whose devices are not meeting the current requirements).

Other Fixes:

Stability / Functionality

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Game crashes when the back button of the device is used during the loading screen triggered by the promotion or demotion of a member
  • Game crashes when the back button of the device is pressed in the create a guild loading screen
  • Game crashes when the back button or home button is used before the level or stage leaderboard loading
  • Game freezes if the “view next” button from the arena is used, and after a battle in the Shattered Islands is started
  • Game crashes when the user leaves the guild
  • Game info overlaps the chat in some battle scenarios.


The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Water Faceless’ passive spell is affecting all the allies when the enemy uses an AOE effect.
  • Nakoruru’s passive spell is triggered although the creature dies.


The following bugs have been fixed:

  • 100th place in Glyph Dungeon and Tower of Trials leaderboard appears as “10”


  • New appearance for Rath, Thalla, Yla, and Loth.