Performance & Stability

Game performance:

  • Battle optimisations:
    • We implemented several tweaks in the battle phase to avoid hiccups and freezes
    • We optimised plenty of textures and game effects to make them less costly, yet more visually attractive
  • User interface optimisations:
    • We optimised the different game screens assets to make them load faster and smoother
    • We introduced transition screens to avoid graphical and memory corruptions
  • Loading times:
    • Initial game loading is now up to 50% on low/mid end devices
    • Initial game asset download is now gone and all devices use the same HD textures

Game stability:

  • We polished and fixed a couple of issues negatively affecting the tutorial and the first time experience on some android devices
  • Several game crashes, information pop ups and out of syncs have been fixed
  • Thanks to the optimisations mentioned above, the game is now much more stable than it was before and able to smoothly run on less powerful mobile devices (ie: 1GB RAM devices)
  • Many other issues and bugs have been fixed – More details are available below in the notes

Economy Balancing

Amber dungeon

  • The price to access the Amber dungeon has been removed and you can now access it for free.

Increase of Crystals amount received by selling Glyphs

Before After
0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5
Common 650 718 1435 2153 3156 4250 750 1150 1950 3450 5950 9750
Uncommon 1650 1822 3643 5465 8011 10788 1750 2600 4250 7300 12350 20000
Rare 3150 3478 6955 10433 15293 20594 3750 5100 7650 12300 19950 31500
Epic 5150 5686 11371 17057 25003 33670 6750 8650 12150 18450 28750 44250
Legendary 7650 8446 16891 25337 37141 50016 10750 13250 17750 25750 38750 58250
Dark 9333 10304 20607 30911 45312 61020 15750 18900 24450 34200 49950 73500


Increased XP and Crystals in Shattered Islands


Lose on Wave 1 Lose on Wave 2 Lose on Wave 3
Normal No Changes +12% +15%
Advanced No Changes +20% +7%
Nightmare No Changes +25% No Changes


Lose on Wave 1 Lose on Wave 2 Lose on Wave 3
Normal No Changes +30% +15%
Advanced No Changes +12% +7%
Nightmare No Changes No Changes No Changes


New Glyph distribution in Shattered Islands

  • Normal difficulty

(click over the table to open it)

Guild Quests & Shop balancing

  • Rewards of completed quests will be automatically received when entering the Guild main screen.
  • Activation, Contribution and Cancellation prices have been unified in crystals.
Quest difficulty Activation price Contribution price Cancellation price
Easy quests 100 Crystals 1000000 Crystals 1 Crystal
Medium quests 200 Crystals 1500000 Crystals 1 Crystal
Hard quests 300 Crystals 2000000 Crystals 1 Crystal
  • Rewards of quests have been unified with the same rewards:
    • Guild Coin
    • Guild XP
    • Battle commands
  • Leaderboard rewards have been unified to give the same rewards to each member of the team, no matter their position in the ranking.
Quest difficulty General Creatures Collection Resources Battle
Easy quests Water Soulstone Fragments: 25 Air Soulstone Fragments: 25 Fire Soulstone Fragments: 25 Earth Soulstone Fragments: 25 Epic Soulstone Fragments: 25
Medium quests Water Soulstone Fragments: 35 Air Soulstone Fragments: 35 Fire Soulstone Fragments: 35 Earth Soulstone Fragments: 35 Epic Soulstone Fragments: 35
Hard quests Water Soulstone Fragments: 45 Air Soulstone Fragments: 45 Fire Soulstone Fragments: 45 Earth Soulstone Fragments: 45 Epic Soulstone Fragments: 45
  • The items of the shop have been updated.
Item Price Limited
Medium XP potions x10 45 Guild Coins
Arena energy x10 45 Guild Coins 1 per day
Energy x90 45 Guild Coins 1 per day
Crystals 50000 60 Guild Coins
Bright fragments x5 300 Guild Coins 1 every 3 days


Arena Shop

  • Guild XP potions have been moved to the Arena shop
Item Price Limited
1 Big Guild Potion 35 Reputation points
1 Epic Guild Potion 60 Reputation points 1 per day
1 Legendary Guild Potion 100 Reputation points 1 per day

Unlimited player level

The Avatar Level cap has been changed from level 50 to unlimited

  • Crystals and an energy refill will be given upon level up
  • Max energy cap stays at 90 and won’t increase upon level up after level 50

Filters available in dungeons with restrictions

  • Filters are now accessible in the team selection of all dungeons. No matter if they have restrictions or not.

Team persistence

  • Only one team saved by level.
  • Entering a battle through team selection will save that composition for that level.
  • Fast battle between levels will keep using the previous team but won’t overwrite existing levels, the team will be saved only if there was no other one previously.
  • New flow to let players know when there is a new slot available in the team while moving between levels with fast battle.


Bug fixes list


Fire Giant’s Aura effect to lower turn bar was not increased by upgrading Heroic Level

  • The 3rd and 5th Heroic Upgrades were not increasing the amount of turn bar lowered, now they do

Inconsistency could be noticed in Fire Giant’s Aura description

  • Also, the Fire Giant’s Aura displayed “Turn Bar Increment” on the skill ups, when it actually lowers the turn bar

Air shadow lurker Aura was applying Reverse Allies only to himself when it should have been to all Dungeon allies

  • The Air Shadow Lurker’s Aura was just applying the effect ‘Reverse Allies’ to itself, now it is applied to all Dungeon allies

Stat differences between fire Ar-kenos evolution forms

  • The different evolutions of Fire Ar-Kenos had different stats, now they have the same stats

Air Treant third skill was not working as intended

  • The 3rd Skill with maxed Skill Ups was giving Phoenix Soul for 2 turns instead of 3, now it’s working correctly

Water-Emerald Ranger 3rd spell was not working properly

  • The Water Emerald was giving Increase Defense and Increase Resistance to all allies except itself, now it is giving those effects to itself as intended

Air Giant’s 2nd spell did not function as intended

  • The Cooldown Activation effect was supposed to be targeted to a single enemy instead of them all, and this has now been corrected

The Vampire Knight second spell didn’t work properly

  • The 2nd Spell of the Water Vampire was dealing a normal single attack, now it double-attacks

Water-Golem and Water-Zealot were not applying the Freeze in the correct order

  • The Water Mini Golem and Water Zealot were using Freeze, then attacking, not dealing the desired damage. Now they attack and then apply the effect

Zombie call was not working when creatures were affected by block revive debuff

  • Before, all creatures dead with an active Block Revive effect couldn’t be “zombie-called”. We have decided that since they are different types of effects, from now on they’ll be able to be revived as the skeletons.

After using Air-Nakoruru third spell, the turn order should respect the creatures speed

  • Air Nakoruru’s third spell replenishes the whole turn bar of all allies. There was a bug making this skill act like a “return” effect for Air Nakoruru. Now, Nakoruru is the last ally acting in the turn order.

Air-Panda second spell was not applying the ingredients in the correct order

  • Attacking a creature protected with a mail of thorns with Air Panda’s 2nd spell would result in a heal, since the reverse was being applied before the damage of the mail of thorns. This was not intended and it has been fixed.

Thornmail did not reflect damage of AoE attacks

  • In the strength dungeon, the mail of thorns wouldn’t work against the boss’ 2nd skill. This would also affect some other areas of the game against some specific creature skills, and it has been fixed.


Text exceeded the allocated space in Amber Mine in multiple languages

Text overlapped the creature rank in Amber Mine in multiple language


All music and sound effects bugs have been fixed

Game crash

The game would crash when the Start button from arena was being pressed

Error pop-up when activating a quest

Game crashed when rebooted after a forced close on Nexus 6

The title crashed while loading the first tutorial level on Razer phone 2

Game crashed on iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad Air

Game crashed when an event would start

Pressing back button quickly after entering the events menu could have caused an Info Popup

The app crashed when accessing the AR feature on Samsung S8/s8+


Corrupted animation could be noticed when the Magical Shop was unlocked

When Avatar gender was changed using the Random, customisation icons wouldn’t change

Auto focus feature was not present in Amber Mine

Tutorial was corrupted upon connecting an account without progress

Game was freezing when the guild was deleted

Infinite loading after pressing “Collect” button of the quest

Missing texture for several creatures in the AR feature

Corrupted textures could be noticed on Raid battle

Corrupted names in the guild could be noticed after the quest expired

Corrupted animation was present at the beginning of the raid wave

Placeholder for timer could be briefly noticed when tapping the “Arena Shop” button multiple times

Incorrect camera permission flow could be noticed when accessing the AR feature

The Dragon Eel’s spells cooldown was not properly saved between battles

Simulation “reset timer” cost was not restarted when the user was waiting for the timer

Combat action did not pause if the basic interrupts triggered during the battle


Game was freezing upon quickly tapping the buttons Announcement and Game report

Infinite loading resulting in missing functionality for Chat Channels could be noticed after switching between Channels several times

Chat date wouldn’t be updated for the first person writing a message

Messages could not be sent in the General Main Town Chat when the user reached this tab after previously writing a message in a Channel

Infinite loading issue when choosing the same Channel in the General Chat

Evolve message appeared in Chat Game Report when the user was re-rolling a spell of an already evolved creature

Messages were not sent in the General tab in Chat if the device was let in idle for aprox 2-5 min

Game report tab showed notifications with a time delay of 5-8 min or when the “More Messages ” was pressed


Known Issues

Creatures ignore taunt if user selects a target manually

  • If a creature in the user’s team is taunted, they can ignore the taunt activating Auto mode and selecting a new creature to attack.