The Tower of Eternity arrives to the Dragonmist Islands. Compete in this endless tower and prove that you can reach the top of the leaderboard.



Creatures that reached rank 5 can be ranked up infinitely getting a boost on their main stats: HP, DEF, ATK. To perform this rank up you will need a duplicate of the same creature in their same element.



Creature Element Rank 2nd Spell 3rd Spell Aura
Vampire Light 4 Gives itself Heroism for 1 turn, marks one enemy as Hunted for 1 turn(s), and then attacks them strongly. The rest of enemies receive a curse that disables 15% of their HP for 1 turn(s). (Passive) The holder has +30% attack. 50% chance of charming one random enemy after performing an attack for 1 turn(s). Each time a necropolis ally performs a critical attack, they drain the HP of the target. Drain is 20% of their attack. This aura doesn’t affect other necropolis or undead enemies.
Dark 4 Increases the caster’s attack for 1 turn(s) and attacks all enemies strongly. Then, randomly, all enemies receive Fear for 2 turn(s), Block Heal for 2 turn(s), or Block Revive for 2 turn(s). Those effects are unresistible. (Passive) Cannot be counter-attacked. Each time the holder attacks, they drain the HP of the target. Drain is 60% the holder’s attack, and ignores 20% of the enemy’s defense. All Necropolis allies are immune to Blind, Confuse and Corruption. Each time a Necropolis ally kills a creature, 20% chance of reviving a Necropolis or Undead ally with 50% HP.
Faceless Light 4 Cleans all harmful effects from all allies, makes them immune to all harmful effects for 1 turn(s), and gives them Thorn Mail for 2 turn(s). (Passive) A ghost, the holder deals -25% damage but receives -50% damage from enemies. Each time the holder performs an attack, 70% chance of decreasing the cooldown of the spells from all allies by 1. All Dungeon allies receive -25% damage from Dark enemies, but also receive +15% damage from Light enemies. Each time a Dungeon ally attacks an enemy, they have 30% chance of purging 1 of their beneficial effects.
Dark 4 Purges all beneficial effects from all enemies, depletes their turn bar by 25%, and removes all of their concentration points. Increases the incoming damage of all enemies by 40% for 1 turn(s), then casts Madness over all enemies forcing them to attack themselves or other enemies. The holder receives +10% damage from Might enemies, but receives Dodge for 1 turn(s) each time a Might enemy attacks them. At the start of each wave, 20% chance to cast Block Buff on all enemies for 1 turn(s).
Colossus Light 4 Attacks one enemy strongly with an attack based on the caster’s defense. Then, the caster reflects 25% of the incoming damage back for 2 turn(s), makes all allies immune to harmful effects for 1 turn(s) and cleans 4 of their harmful effects. (Passive) The holder has 75% chance of deflecting the incoming harmful effects to their caster. At the end of the turn, 30% chance of increasing the duration of 2 beneficial effects from all allies by 1. +2% HP to all Academy or Materia allies. If an Academy ally defeats an enemy, they obtain Heroism for 1 turn, and they fill their turn bar by 25%.
Dark 4 Purges all beneficial effects from all enemies, increases the cooldown on their skills by 1, and stuns the target for 1 turn(s). Those effects are unresistible. Attacks all enemies strongly with an attack based on the caster’s defense and corrupts them for 1 turn(s). If at least one attack is critical, all allies receive increased defense for 2 turn(s) and increased attack for 2 turn(s). All Dark allies have a protective veil, bouncing back harmful effects with a 50% chance. At the end of each turn, 10% chance for the holder to cast regen to all allies healing 10% of their HP for 1 turn(s).
Druid Light 3 Heals an ally by 30% of their HP, decreases the cooldown of their spells by 1, and prevents them from getting any direct damage for 1 turn(s). Then, the target and the caster obtain 2 concentration point(s). Attacks all enemies with an attack based on the caster’s HP. Then, regenerates all allies by 15% of their HP for 2 turn(s), and obtain Phoenix Soul for 1 turn(s). If the caster has 3 concentration points, they clean all allies’ harmful effects. All Sylvan allies have +10% critical chance, +15% accuracy, +20% attack and +25% increased healing effects. At the start of each wave, 35% chance of regenerating all allies by 10% of their HP for 1 turn(s).
Dark 3 Heals all allies by 20% of their HP, cleaning 2 of their harmful effects, makes them immune to all harmful effects for 1 turn(s) and fills their turn bar by 15%. Attacks one enemy ignoring 100% of their defense. Then, all allies obtain Blind Mail for 1 turn(s) and they regenerate by 15% of their HP for 2 turn(s). Each time an ally deals a critical attack, 10% chance of blowing the poisons of the target dealing +125% damage, blowing the bombs of the target dealing +125% damage, and exploding the electric fields of the target dealing +125% damage.
Nymph Light 3 Grants all allies immunity to harmful effects for 1 turn(s), protects them from 40% of the incoming damage for 1 turn(s), and increases their speed for 1 turn(s). (Passive) At the start of each wave, the caster resets their own cooldowns and fills their turn bar by 40%. The holder receives +15% damage from Dark enemies. At the start of the wave, all spirit allies are invisible for 1 turn(s), 20% chance for all Haven allies to get regenerated by 10% of their HP for 1 turn(s) and all Undead creatures (ally and enemy) to be poisoned for 1 turn(s).
Dark 2 Heals all allies by 20% of their HP, cleans 1 of their harmful effect(s), and purges 1 beneficial effect(s) from all enemies. Attacks all enemies and blinds them for 2 turn(s). Then, increases the healing effects from all allies for 2 turn(s) and fills their turn bar by 15%. All Spirit allies have +15% accuracy if their HP is higher than 50%. Otherwise, Spirit allies have +15% attack.
Witch Light 2 Attacks one enemy strongly and curses them for 1 turn(s), disabling 15% of their HP. All the other enemies are silenced for 1 turn(s). Poisons all enemies twice for 1 turn(s), increases their incoming damage by 40% for 1 turn(s), and frightens them for 1 turn(s). All Human allies have 10% chance to curse an enemy for 1 turn(s), disabling 10% of their HP, and turn invisible for 1 turn(s) each time they receive an attack.
Dark 3 Attacks one enemy strongly. Then, confuses all enemies for 1 turn(s) and decreases the timers of their bombs by 1. Prevents an enemy from reviving for 1 turn(s), this effect being unresistible. Then, attacks them strongly, with 60% chance of putting a bomb on them. The bomb deals twice the caster’s attack after 2 turn(s). All Light enemies have -1% speed. If an attacked enemy is confused or poisoned, the remaining turns of all their harmful effects are increased by 1.



Now you can see a more detailed screen at the end of the battle to check the performance of your team.



Some event packs obtainable with Seals, including the Exclusive Tickets Case, will be located in the Shop now.

They will be available to purchase during the event time only.

The affected packs are listed below:

Pack name
Exclusive Tickets Case The Exclusive Ticket will grant you access to the Exclusive Dungeon!
Exclusive Soulstones Case Summon the limited weekly creatures by consuming the Exclusive Soulstones! The pool changes every week!
Pure Soulstones Case By consuming Pure Soulstones you have DOUBLE chances to summon NATURAL RANK 4 creatures than in regular soulstones.
Creature of the Month Soulstones Case Summon the elusive Creature of the Month by consuming these Soulstones! This creature will inhabite this soulstone for a limited time only.



A quality of life improvement that some of you were asking is already here. Now you can sell your glyphs while equipped in your creatures.



Earth Djinn Aura All enemies have 5% decreased speed.

Skill Ups:

Decrease Speed +2%
Decrease Speed +3%
Decrease Speed +4%
Decrease Speed +6%

All enemies have -5% speed and -5% defense.

Skill Ups:

Decrease Speed +2%
Decrease Speed +3%
Decrease Defense +5%
Decrease Speed +5%



Creatures/Spells functionality

  • Air Yeti aura is not preventing the freeze effect.
  • Air Yeti’s aura upgrade effect says +5% received damage instead -5%.
  • Air-Haohmaru can kill himself when using S2 sacrifice.
  • Bomb Mail damage is being calculated from the attacker creature damage.
  • Dark-Assassin and Dark-Succubus S3 are not applying Revenant Form before.
  • Air-Rimururu Aura is not being applied to him self.
  • Fire Ukyo aura is triggered at the beginning of the wave instead their own turn.
  • Fire Colossus aura is not triggering when harmful effects are applied by poisonmail.


  • Duplicates filter gets deselected when going in and out from creatures upgrades.
  • Magical Houses appear in the “Family” category of the filters.

Known issues:

  • When the reward glyphs of level 70 on the Tower of Trials and Tower of Eternity are obtained, a “sell” button is the only one shown. Pressing it, WON’T SELL the glyphs but show the player the details of them.
  • The Tower of Eternity does not count for the “All regions” achievements.