From now on, players won’t only obtain Crystals and Seals after some hours, but more precious resources like soulstone fragments, and even Dark Glyphs.

The building will hold resources up to 12 hours, after that it will stop generating resources.

The higher the avatar level is, the more resources they will get.


Spam and profanity filters have been improved along with stability and performance.



Several internal elements have been tweaked to give you a better experience in terms of performance.



Creatures & Gameplay

  • Dark Imp aura is not triggered in ToE.
  • Refill turn bar 100% is not considered as a new turn.
  • Light Nymph aura is only applying invisibility to self.
  • Air Shadow lurker’s reverse effect of the Aura is only applying to 1 ally and it should be applied to all allies.
  • Air Haohmaru’s passive is not increasing it’s critical damage and critical chance every 25% hp lost.
  • Raising a killed creature as a skeleton & fleeing from raid will allow the original creature to enter raid again.

OoS & Crashes

  • OoS when the Exclusive stone’s announcement is closed after the device was on idle for a while.
  • User get guild coins by going in and out of the guild shop after a quest is auto collected, causing OoS during purchases.
  • The user is able to tap the revive button multiple times at the defeat screen if he loses connection to the network, causing OoS.


  • Close “obtain more resources” after using level up with potions block all the UI buttons.
  • Bubbles tasks notifications are not correctly displayed on the tabs.
  • Missing scroll bar can be noticed in the Connect tab from the Settings Menu.
  • Repeated creatures are not being displayed separately on Skin Managment.
  • Some dungeon wave detail’s banners are black when they shouldn’t.
  • Unresponsive purchase button after pressing “No” when you buy a slot.
  • There is no scroll bar present on the Battle’s Help section.
  • The skills description overlaps the information text.


  • Avatar animation get frozen when going into a new stage.
  • Delayed animation when a glyph is upgraded.
  • Chest opening animation happens after the chest is open if the Skip button is pressed.
  • Fire Emerald Ranger belt’s cloth missing key frames in the idle animation loop.

Texts & Localization

  • Bubbles’ tasks 22, 23 & 24 of the 3rd chapter are incorrectly translated into Spanish.
  • The game is not displaying the item’s name inside the shortcut’s pop-up when the language is set to Chinese.
  • Inconsistency between the text and reward in the Enormous currency pack.
  • Inconsistency can be noticed in the text description of the Soulstones in the Summoning Altar.
  • Incorrect description on Mountain Dragon 3rd spell.