Battle Pass – Season 1

We are announcing the first season of Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians’ Battle Pass.

  • Earn Battle tokens by playing the daily missions and a new weekly Battle Pass event.
  • Progress through the season to unlock and collect crazy rewards.
  • Activate the Season Pass and get a powerful, limited and unique 4 stars creature.

The first season will start on the 15th of June and will end on the 30th of July.

Exclusive dungeon rework

A few months ago we were excited to share with you our new dungeon, the Exclusive dungeon, and it’s dedicated Exclusive Stone.

After being live for almost a year, plenty of feedback from the community and discussion among the team, we feel it is no longer matching the initial intentions and needed a rework.

We focused our efforts in transforming it into a shorter, more intense experience but also more rewarding.

  • Exclusive dungeon will be weekly.
  • Exclusive dungeon has been splitted in 2 different levels.
  • Each level is 15 waves long.
  • Each level has it’s own difficulty.
  • Overall exclusive stone parts drop rates have been increased.
  • Exclusive Tickets pack now contain 1 ticket.
  • Exclusive Tickets pack price is now 300 Seals.

We will be monitoring the results, and hope you will enjoy the changes.

Most relevant fixes


  • Earth blackfang rogue aura is not increasing their turn bar boost when upgraded.
  • Fire Angel Mystic second spell decreases enemies defense by 35% instead 60% as expected.
  • Fire Kirin 3rd spell skill up is not increasing 2nd effect turns.

Crashes/ OoS/ Game blockers

  • The title crashes (info pop-up) after being opened through a local notification, on the Live version on iOS.
  • Previously dead ally creatures sometimes freeze when playing a fast next battle.

Texts/ UI

  • “Mission completed” text is not translated for all the other languages except for English.
  • Corrupted animation can be briefly noticed at the Loot pop-up when dismissing it, after opening a chest.

In-app Purchases Cancellations policy:

Every purchase refunded by the player will automatically remove the items purchased (if any) from the player’s account.