Land Expeditions

We introduce you the new feature for all players above level 15, the Land Expeditions. You can find it in the main screen instead of the Skins Market building.


Send your creatures to the expeditions so they can return with great rewards!

  • Select creatures to join expeditions, one at a time.
  • Once an expedition is started, it can’t be cancelled. Wait until it’s completed to get the rewards!
  • Look out for the bonus requirements when assigning creatures on the expeditions. It can increase rewards, decrease completion time, or even give an extra expedition.
  • As you complete expeditions, your expedition level will increase. You can unlock new expeditions to join, with new rewards, unlock new slots, and unlock new perks as you level up!



Quality of Life Improvements

The Dark Chest has been moved to the Summoning Altar where can now be opened as well as the rest of the chests.

Performance and loading times improved


Bugs fixed

  • Dark grey sidebars can be noticed near the notch of android devices.
  • Battles in Essential Dungeon from Heroic Island doesn’t count for the achievement “Win a battle with x creatures in Heroic Island”.
  • Ubi logo is slightly distorted / stretched when displayed on iOS screens.
  • Water necromancer aura triggers a crash under certain conditions.