PVP Manage Teams / Team Selector

Dominate the PVP Arena by handling up to 3 different attack teams!

To do so, access the Managing Teams screen first. You’ll be able to set up the creatures on each team, name the team, and then test each team individually to come up with the best strategy.

Creatures that are used in Arena teams can’t be used in other parts of the game, for example to sell or use as fodders.

Upgrade Glyphs QOL

From now on, you’ll be able to decide until which level you want to upgrade your glyph, with no interruptions! Upgrade your glyphs even faster by skipping the animation!

You can stop the upgrade at any moment, and a popup showing the amount of SC spent will appear after the upgrade action is finished.


Skill Up QOL

Upgrade your creatures even faster by using an auto fill function in the skill up popup! Random creatures will be selected from your pool of creatures.

The animation screen is removed, so you’ll be able to skill up faster than before! The chosen skill that has been upgraded will appear in green.


Most relevant fixes

  • Special Offer popup spams the user every time it visits the City Hall.
  • Game crashes when user cancels the payment verification in the shop in iOS 14.
  • Granted currencies aren’t available on the session they’re received.
  • Missing texture can be noticed in 3rd and 5th wave of Elemental Tower: Earth’s any level in Android devices.
  • Game crashes while playing the first level of Floating islands during the Tutorial on specific devices.