What is it?

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is a fast-paced strategic battle RPG for mobile devices, based on the epic fantasy lore of the Might & Magic franchise.

Developed in the heart of Barcelona by Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile, Elemental Guardians thrusts you into uncharted realms of the Might & Magic universe as an apprentice Wizard at the prestigious school of magic, Akadimia.

Create your Hero and set forth into a world inhabited by unique fantasy Creatures of all elements. Collect, train and evolve them into the ultimate team of warriors and summon them to battle in action-packed strategy battles!

RPG Battles

Assemble your team and fight in fast-paced RPG battles, using the elements tactically to be victorious.

Elemental Creatures

Discover, battle and collect over 400 fantasy creatures such as the legendary Dragon, heroic Paladin, stealthy Assassin and colossal Giant.

PvP Combat

Enter the Arena to challenge wizards from around the world in strategic battles and climb the world rankings to win fantastic prizes.

Creature Evolution

Watch the transformation as creatures evolve from loyal to legendary. Train abilities and equip Glyphs to unlock their true battle might.

Live Events & Guild Quests

Take part in a range of challenging Live Events and win rare items. Join a Guild to unlock co-operative quests with your teammates.